Frequently asked q's

Do I get to choose more than one editing style?
 We only apply one editing style to an entire album with the prices you see on our website. To request more than one editing style, please shoot us a message! We’d be happy to accommodate you.

How do you choose the photographer for my event?
 Based on the answers you provide in the questionnaire we send you, we’ll match you up with the perfect photographer for your needs. Keep in mind that our entire roster of photographers have been fully-vetted to ensure top-notch quality paired with fantastic personalities.

Will you travel to my event?
 Absolutely! Our photographers love to travel. And, if we don’t already have a photographer in your area, we will do all the dirty work in finding the perfect photographer for you in your location.

Will you do posed group photos as well as candid shots?
 Absolutely. While posing will never be the main focus of the event (obvs), our talented team of photographers are happy to direct & pose for group photos, couples, families, etc.

What’s your cancellation policy?
 If a proposal, party, or experience booking is canceled at least one week prior to the event, we’ll give a full refund. Any bookings canceled less than 7 days but more than 24 hours before the event will receive a 50% refund, and any cancellations within 24 hours of the event will not receive a refund.
 If a wedding, event, or gala is canceled, the deposit is forfeited but any other payments will be refunded.

Do you provide hair and makeup services?
 We don’t, however, we can hook you up with the best in the business! Shoot us an email for our best recommendations.

Do you help with posing?
 Our photographers are wicked at their job. In the few shots during your event that may require posing, our team will pose you so you look & feel like Beyonce. Or whoever it is you want to portray.
 If you’re booking us for your wedding or proposal, you can bet that we’ve got all the moves. The photos of you and your significant other will be stunning, and flawlessly posed. We can’t wait to see them.

What should I wear?
 Depends on what you’re doing! Because we photograph all different events including grandpa’s birthday, bachelorette parties, Quinceaneras, staff retreats and so much more, it’s hard to say. Here are some widely applicable photo-outfit guidelines:
 1. Wear neutral colours. Black, grey, white, beige, brown. Bright colours are distracting.
 2. Avoid patterns, stick to different textures.
 3. If it’s cold out, cover up the skin. Cold skin gets bumpy and red and dry.
 But honestly, you do you, boo. Wear whatever you feel amazing in!

Do you have lighting equipment?
 You betcha! We have equipment for all indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

How long will it take to get my photos?
 Within 10 days*, you’ll receive an email with an online album of your perfectly edited images. We’ll also include instructions in the email on how to select the photos you’d like to keep. If you hired us for an event or wedding, you’ll get to keep them all.
 *Weddings, events, and galas will be returned within 3 weeks.

Can we get images photoshopped on top of editing?
 Additional edits can be accommodated, absolutely! Just send us a message with your requests. There will be an additional charge, but we’ll send you an estimated quote for your approval before doing any work.

What payment is accepted?
 We accept payments via credit card (Visa, MC, Amex) or directly through your bank using PayPal. We’ll even accept Bitcoin soon!

How much time will I have to choose my photos from the online album?
 You can have as much time as you need. For security reasons the link expires after 3 months, but if you send us an email we can send you a new link straight away.

Do you do prints?
 In your online photo album, you can order prints to be shipped to your door! How sweet is that? The best part - is you can order them at any time.

Am I able to order additional images in the future?
 Heck yeah you are. If your link has expired, just shoot us a message and we’ll get a new link sent straight away to the email we have on file.

Do you do videography?
 Currently, we focus on still photography. Videography is in our future, so stay tuned…

Do you shoot indoor and outdoor? What if it’s raining?
 We do it all. If it’s raining, we’ll make the best of it! Our photographers are equipped to handle any circumstance.

What are your safety practices with COVID-19?
 Our team practices safe COVID protocols. We wear masks and keep our distance. There’s really no need for our photographers to be up-close and personal, we typically capture candid moments from afar.

Can I see the photographer’s portfolio before I book?
 Absolutely! We’re happy to send over their portfolio before completing the booking.

Is it possible to get my images faster?
 We can accommodate rush orders - we just need to know at the time of booking. An additional fee will be added to the booking depending on how quickly the images need to be completed.

How long in advance should I book a photographer for my event?
 We can typically take on bookings as early as 3 days in advance! With a large and diverse roster, we’re bound to have someone available for your event.

 Will you share my photos online without my permission?
 During the booking process we’ll ask you if it’s okay that we use your images to help market our business. If you don’t want your images shared online that’s no problem and we will respect your privacy.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
 Shoot us a message and we’ll help you with your situation and accommodate you as best as we can. See our cancellation policy here [insert link]

What if I am late?
 If you’re late and the booking goes overtime, we’ll need to add an additional charge to cover our photographer’s time.

Can I change the location after I’ve booked?
 Absolutely! Just let us know so we can adjust your file.

What happens if it’s snowing or raining?
 Then we make out in the rain under the moonlight. Just kidding! Our team is fully equipped to take on whatever conditions are thrown at them.
To be honest, embracing difficult weather makes for some fun photos!

I had an amazing experience with my photographer. Can I tip them after the shoot?
 Heck to the yes! Please do. We love our photographers and we love that you love them! If it’s too late and you can’t reach your photographer, please let us know and we’ll forward the tip to them.

What size are the photos?
 We will send you both a large print-size file and a small social media-size file. We want you to have both because if you try to post a large print-size file to social media, Instagram and Facebook and other social media platforms will compress the photo - therefore losing the quality. By utilizing the proper size, we can make sure people see the images as they’re meant to be seen.

What format(s) will I receive my photos in?
 You will receive your photos in jpg in your online album.

Do I own all the photos?
 Technically we remain the owners of the images, however, we give you full rights to use them as you please, as stated in your contract.

What options for photo editing are included in my package?
 Check out our different editing styles using this link! Our photo editing team will perform colour correcting and light photo retouching such as adding radial filters, adjusting the brightness in certain areas of the image, cropping and rotating, adding enhancing masks, and removing easy-to-remove, distracting objects.

I want to give this as a gift to family/friends, can I book for them?
 Absolutely! Contact us directly and we’re happy to help with any special accommodations.

Can I book for a commercial project?
 So long as it’s an event or experience, we’re the team for you.

We want to address all of your questions & concerns.

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