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I capture real  smiles of weird-and-cute-ass couples who sometimes like to go barefoot.

As seen in...

That  rude, boring, & unprofessional photographer

Awkward, staged photos you hate

Blowing the champagne budget on overpriced photography services

say goodbye to:

Candid and in-the-moment photos
          No fake smiling. Naturally beautiful photos of you                    connecting with your love
Appropriately priced & easy to book services
          Book online and don’t blow your entire event budget
A personable, creative, and experienced photo-homie
          Always feel heard and never leave unhappy

on your photos with:

You'll be 10000% stoked

authentic. dynamic. emotional.

Candid and in-the-moment photos. No fake smiling! Naturally beautiful photos of you connecting with your loved ones

Reasonably priced & easy to book services. Book online and don’t blow your entire event budget

Personable, creative, and experienced professional team. Always feel heard and never leave unhappy.

1. Book me!

the process

Head to "book now" to book your new favourite third wheel- easy peasy lemon squeezy

2. I'll send you a questionnaire to get a feel for you & your love

I want to be sure I've got a good handle on your personality & what you love.

3. Receive your stunning photos

I’ll send you your images lickety-split. Promise.

Things I like to avoid:

1. rude people.
2. inauthentic photos.
3. people who chew with their mouths open.
4. bad lighting.
5. crowded places (except concerts).
6. awkward poses.

Don’t do that thing…you know…that thing where your cheeks start shaking because you’re trying to hold a fake smile that has long ago slipped from passable to awkward, and you’re all standing in a row posing for the shot, and you can’t remember which way you’re supposed to turn to look best, and you don’t know what you’re supposed to do with your arms to look normal, and you’re trying to remember to hold your chin up while you basically bare your teeth in the direction of the selfie stick that the person with the longest arms always has to hold....
Yeah, don’t do that.

kind words

 – Reilly –

Pala did our helicopter elopement a few months ago and it was a phenomenal experience. She was so helpful and reassuring to coordinate with. The wedding experience itself was nothing short of amazing - the location, the helicopter company, and the resulting photos. I have and will continue to highly recommend Pala to anyone looking to have some photos done.

 – Sydney –

Wow! Pala is nothing short of spectacular at what she does. She was responsive, patient, accommodating, and kind. She runs her business with a superior level of professionalism, while still managing to present herself as the down to earth, fun individual she is. Our session was relaxing, comfortable, and natural. I have nothing but good things to say. Anyone looking for some amazing quality photos will be thrilled with her results... even if you're a little awkward like us 🙃

 – Ashley –

We recently did our engagement photos with Pala and had an absolute blast! She made us feel so comfortable and we generally just had a good time doing it - you can certainly see it in the photos. Every time someone asked how the engagement shoot went, we would go on and on about how much fun we had and how cool Pala is. We knew right from the moment we met over zoom that we would go with her. She's chill, funny, laid back and knows what she's doing - everything you want in someone you'll be spending most of your wedding day with. We are super excited for her to shoot our wedding soon!

 – Laurel –

Oh my goodness, cannot say enough great things about Pala and her photography skills. She made us feel so comfortable and when she showed us the photos as she took them they looked amazing even before editing/colour grading. Honestly, no idea how she does it but even with my partner and I being some of the most unphotogenic people every photo she took was amazing ❤️ Thanks Pala!

 – Mia –

Wow! Pala made our wedding day and engagement shoot both the most enjoyable experiences. Not only does she take the most amazing photos but she is also the kindest, funniest and most energetic person! Our photos are absolutely outstanding and I truly couldn’t be more happy! She listened to what we had asked for and delivered more than we could ever imagine! I highly recommend Pala to anyone!

and eat it too

Have your cake

awwww yeah baby!

Shake all anxiety around photoshoots

Let your hair down and be fully present

Enjoy your memories for years to come

Avoid overpriced, overstyled, inauthentic photos.

Let me show you how fun my shoots always are.

Be in charge of what your photos will look like (if you want to)

Say goodbye to boring, staged photos