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Finding a solid photographer who creates art that you dig can be a pain. Then you’ve gotta try and book them, lay out a ton of cash, and hope the final results are edited to your liking. That’s why we’ve taken care of all the dirty work.

Captured Experience Imagery Inc. was founded by Indigenous Photographer, Pala Kovacs, aka Neekiki. Recognizing all of the problems and frustrations that come with trying to hire a photographer to suit your specific needs, Pala created Captured Experience to make it easy and pain-free for you to book photography and, well…capture your experience.

We’ve evaluated and interviewed the top photographers in your area, and hired the best of the best. Our team is made up of kind, professional, and highly experienced photographers. Our mission is to help everyone live in the moment, while not compromising on imagery worth reminiscing over.
We make it easy and affordable to book, match you with the best photographer for your vibe, and edit the images in accordance with your pre-selected editing style.

You can finally have your cake and eat it, too.

We want to address all of your questions & concerns.

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Kennedy Hamlyn
Image Editor

Aliyah Mackenzie
Marketing Coordinator

Pala Taylor
CEO & Founder

Meet the team

Aliyah Mackenzie
Marketing Coordinator

Pala Taylor
CEO & Founder


Our values

We are kind, and bold.
We are professional, and the life of the party.
We provide high-quality media.
We ensure our customers and staff always feel heard and never leave unhappy with us.

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