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My name is Pala Kovacs, and I'm your new favourite third wheel!
If you're into good times and positive energy, then I'm probably the right fit for you.

I’m an extremely extroverted wedding photographer living nowhere and everywhere. I live in my t(rusty) truck camper while I'm in Canada, and out of a suitcase while I'm in the rest of the world. I grew up in Pemberton, north of Whistler, BC.
I love life and all things involving adventure.

If I’m not in the mountains on horseback, then I’m definitely on a snowboard. Otherwise, you can find me spending my down-time hiking, growing this business, reading books, adventuring in the forest, or, you guessed it, taking photos.

I prefer deep conversation over hot goss, a doobie over a glass of booze, small towns over big cities (though they are a ton of fun to visit), rock & roll over pop music, salty over sweet, and most importantly, being positive over having a negative mentality.

Please send me all your questions!


it's me.


My values

Be kind, and bold.
Be professional, and the life of the party.
Provide high-quality media.
Ensure my clients always feel heard and never leave unhappy.

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