about to interview your wedding photographer?
equip yourself with the right questions to ask.

Questions to ask your wedding photographer will be outlined below for you. All photographers are unique, have different shooting styles, ways of running their business, and experience levels. It’s important you have written questions for your photographer before the first interview. This person is meant to capture and tell the story of the entire day, be sure you’ve found the right fit. 

1. Will a contract be provided?
Why: unfortunately there are a lot of photographers who don’t offer contracts. A contract is in place to protect you and the photographer. It’s important you know exactly what the policies are, and that you’ve signed off on them before giving any money.

2. Do you have insurance?
Why: If Aunt Carol trips over the photographer’s bag, will they have insurance to cover their own? If your photographer doesn’t have insurance, likely they aren’t taking this business very seriously, or they’ve just started.

3. How many weddings have you shot?
Why: Just as you would want to know how much experience the guy building your home has, you want to know how much experience your wedding vendors have. There are a TON of moving parts in shooting a wedding, and it’s important to be experienced enough to expect & be prepared to catch every moment.

4. Have you shot any weddings like mine?
Why: Do you have a horse-drawn entrance? Will there be fireworks? Do you have something unique to your day? It’s good to know whether or not your photographer has shot something similar, and if they haven’t, ask if they’ll have the chance to do so before the big day. You want to be sure they’re ready to snap images of all of the moments, your wedding album should tell the story of your wedding day.

5. How much is the deposit?
Why: This is important to know up front. Following this, you’ll also want to know when it’s due in order to secure the date with your wedding photographer.

6. How many other events will you photograph that weekend?
Why: Wedding photography is EXHAUSTING. The wedding photographer is one of the few vendors who is constantly working from the beginning of the day right to the bitter end. We are jogging, crouching, extending, lifting 10 pounds of equipment up above our heads all day. It’s non-stop movement and excitement for 6-12 hours. Be sure your photographer will have enough energy and time for your big day.

7. Does my package include a second shooter?
Why: If you have a wedding with more than 100 guests, you should request a second photographer if one isn’t already provided. This will ensure that everything is covered. There will be a lot of photos to be taken, after all, especially if you would like photos of everyone in attendance.

8. Do you allow me to be involved in the post-production process?
Why: This is a big one for me. Your photos are your photos. If you would like to be a part of the editing process, you should be. Personally, I will offer to show you 6 different styles of editing (if you would like to be involved) and you choose which one you like the best, then we go from there. You can give me feedback about what you like or don’t like. I want your images to be truly yours.

9. Do you have back-up equipment?
Why: What happens if he drops his camera on the wedding day? Or his lens? Or if his memory card corrupts?...

10. Should my wedding last longer, what will you charge to stay?
Why: This is important to establish upfront. What if you guys are having an absolute blast but your wedding photographer doesn’t want to stay to capture it for you, even if you’ll pay them?

11. What is your attire?
Why: Depending on the style of wedding you’re having, you’ll want your photographer to dress nicely and “fit in” while in attendance. You just want to be sure that they’re considerate of the fact that you’ve spent a lot of money and time organizing this, it would be nice if others did their part as well.

12. What is your style of shooting?
Why: Each wedding photographer will have their own style, whether it be candid, styled, photojournalist, etc. This is specific to their personality and how they’ve grown as a photographer. It’s important that you establish this so you can envision what your photos will look like on your big day. Personally, I like to mix photojournalism and styled types of shooting. What that means is I will typically try to shoot as many candid shots as possible to tell a story (photojournalism), in the midst, I’ll give you little ques (style) to give me a reaction. I like to do an engagement shoot beforehand so you not only experience what it’s like to work with me, but see exactly how the photos turn out.

13. What is your refund/cancellation policy?
Why: Everyone is different. As with everything, you want to be prepared. Mark their cancellation dates down so you know well ahead of time and can get your deposit back.

Finally, congratulations on your engagement! While these times are exciting and stressful all at once, all that you're planning will come together to create one of the happiest and most memorable days of your lives.

Feel free to pull questions from here as you please, or simply print this page. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me. I would love to answer them for you.

Much love,

Not only is Pala a talented photographer, she is genuine, kind, funny and has a way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. The final images were so beautiful and something we will love having for many years to come!
10/10 would recommend her! ❤️

kayla, grand prairie, ab

"she is genuine, kind, funny and has a way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera."

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"She was fun, put us all at ease, and came prepared with a sense of adventure!

Finding a good fit with a photographer can be so daunting! I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Pala. She was easy to get along with and communicate with. I would absolutely trust her with future photos and look forward to working with her again!

Happy client, Kelowna, BC

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"I'm not really a fan of posing for photographs but would make an exception again for Pala"

 She does a great job of directing so that the photos aren't contrived and the result comes off looking natural and high quality. Definitely recommended.

ty , Dawson creek

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"We've made a life long friend in her, hands down she has the magic to connect with anyone."

She captured us and our love so organically that the people we showed her work to thought she was a long time friend of ours. But the honest to god truth is we met her that day - we are honored to have met and worked with Pala, she has a gift photography
(and so much more if you get chatting with her) 

ismae + nico, Fort Langley

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Pala was our photographer for our wedding this August 24th. We are SO happy with our pictures. She did SUCH a great job. She was with us all day from getting ready in the morning until the evening.

a+j, west kelowna

She is SO personable and easy to get along with, she fit right in with us and our guests immediately.

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"We had such a great time during our shoot with Pala!"

She has a great way of making you feel relaxed and bringing out the silliness in front of the camera and it really shows in our photos. We were very happy with the images we received!
Would highly recommend, thank you Pala!

jordan, vancouver

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I am so in love with Pala and her approachability, genuine kindness, and her love and passion of capturing love on her lens.
She is a natural behind the camera, and made sure my boyfriend and I felt comfortable the entire time. ❤️

syd, kelowna BC

"She is attentive, bold, talented and the photographer you need for any occasion."

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