I’m an extremely extroverted wedding photographer living in Kelowna. I grew up in Pemberton, north of Whistler, BC.

I love life and all things involving adventure. 

If I’m not in the mountains on horseback, then I’m definitely on a snowboard. Otherwise, you can find me spending my down-time hiking, paddling, and fishing with my pup and my better half. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is that if you want to do something outdoorsy and fun, I'm totally down.

I am all about work-life balance, when I can find it! I’m an early riser and a go-getter, but I also love to sit by the fire with friends.

Some would say I'm a wiz in the kitchen, and I can certainly say that my passion for food is both a blessing and a curse. As a result, you might also catch me working my butt off in the gym!

I’ll listen to anything - but rock and roll has my soul.
I also love a good podcast. 

I love having a career that fills me up and connects me with the community.
Learning new things and meeting new people feeds my fire.
I genuinely want to know everything there is to know about you, quirks included, and be your friend for a long time coming. 

it's pronounced paula or pala, whichever you like more

Hello... It's me. 

My name is Pala Kovacs, and I'm your new favourite third wheel! If you're into good times and positive energy, then I'm probably the right fit for you. 

Fun fact:
My family home is so deep in the bush that during the winter you need 4×4 to get there.

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