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Way to take me up on this offer!! They won't last forever.

Mon - Thurs, fully-planned, half-day Elopements

For real, solid choice. I fucking love elopements. They are so special, so sweet, and so romantic. I'm so happy that this is the route you're taking.



travel fees & tax not included. Valued at over $5,000.


Here's what's up. I will plan the entire day for you. I mean everything. Whatever vendors you need for your elopement, I've got you. I will plan all of the locations, and the timeline, as well. Then when it comes to the big day, I will photograph you & your love in as many locations as your heart desires for up to 5 hours. You guys could even bring another outfit! We could do anything you want, as well! Want to get steamy in some hot springs or go bar hopping? The world is your oyster! You name it, you got it. After the big day, I will edit all the goodies and deliver them to you in a beautiful online album.

Let's do this thing.

add ons:

Engagement shoots & alternative bridal sessions


Add a motha fuckin' helicopter. Prices vary depending on location.

1100- 2550

add ons:

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meet me wherever I'm at and you won't have to pay for any of my travel! click here to check my travel dates.

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