I’m an extremely extroverted wedding photographer living in Kelowna who loves life and all things adventure. I grew up in Pemberton, north of Whistler, BC. My home is deep in the bush, during winter you need 4×4 to get there.

If I’m not in the mountains horseback, then I’m definitely on a snowboard. My down-time is spent hiking, paddling, and fishing with my pup and my better half.. accompanied by whichever craft beer or cider I'm feelin' that day.

I’m an early riser and a go-getter. My passion for food is both a blessing and a curse; so is my deep love for great beer. I’ll listen to anything, but rock and roll has my soul. Usually, I’m listening to podcasts on the topic that interests me that week.

I absolutely love to learn things and meet people. I truly want to know everything there is to know about you and be your friend for a long time coming. Have some time? Let's go get a coffee.. or a glass of wine, whichever!

it's pronounced paula or pala, whichever you like more

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This guide will help your selfies reach their full potential! Look good, feel good, and set fire to peoples’ feeds with your bomb selfie! We will go over: lighting and how to find the good stuff, how to calm your facial muscles, posturing, backrdops, & editing.
be sure to message me @PhotosByPalaMikayla on insta if you have any questions!


How to take better selfies, written by kelowna wedding photographer Pala Kovacs