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How to Hire a Destination Wedding Photographer in Canada


Thinking about a romantic and picturesque setting when saying the magical words “I do” in Canada? Whether you wish to declare companionship on the beautiful mountains of Whistler Blackcomb or the urban city of Vancouver, ensuring you hire a suitable destination wedding photographer is required.

When it comes to hiring a professional to capture your special day, specific considerations are necessary before making the initial investment. To discover the most quality-friendly way of hiring a destination wedding photographer, see the below.

1.  Set a realistic budget

Before contacting anyone, set a realistic budget for this service. To achieve this, you must identify a wedding budget and break it into percentages. For example, people spend around 10% of their total wedding budget on photography.

Developing an understanding of your budget will narrow down the number of photographers available. This happens because various professionals within the industry charge different amounts depending on their equipment, experience, etc., making the selection more manageable.

2.  Head over to social media

Social media can rightfully be a strange place. But, because of its nature, social media is the perfect location for photographers to showcase their portfolios.

To perform this, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or even TikTok; searching generic terms like “Travel Wedding Photographer in Canada” will provide you with images taken from professionals nationwide.

After going through social media, you probably have the names of various freelance photographers or companies. With this information, try to find more online presence. For instance, on our website, Captured Experience, we show our work and services in more detail. Reviewing this will also reduce the list of potential destination wedding photographers.

3.  Conduct interviews

Now you have a strong list of photographers, it’s time to conduct interviews. Now, we understand this isn’t the most enjoyable task. However, it’ll assure you hire the right person for your special day. It doesn’t need to be considerably long, but understanding the following questions could help you decide whether they’re suitable for the occasion:

  • Are you familiar with the venue? If so, have you got any photos from past clients?
  • What’s included with your pricing? For instance, photography, editing, lighting, travel, photo album, etc.
  • Do you offer different packages?
  • How many pictures will you include in the shoot?
  • Will there be an individual photographer or a team?

From becoming knowledgeable on the above questions, you can better understand what the different travel wedding photographers offer in Canada.

Finalize your decision 

Now you have all this information; it’s time to decide which you’ll hire. If possible, take your time on this. Write down what you think is important and compare that to the interviews you’ve conducted. By doing this, you’ll undoubtedly find that professional photographer that’ll blow expectations out the window.

When implementing the above, you should consider Captured Experience. We’re a passionate bunch of photographers that offer our professionalism without the luxury price tag. For more information about what we offer, see our website or check out our founder’s destination wedding page!

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