Rocky Mountain Elopement Photographer: Recommended Locations

Rocky Mountain Elopement Photographer: Recommended Locations


Rocky Mountain Elopement Photographer: Recommended Locations

Rocky Mountain Elopement Photographer: Recommended Locations

Are you considering an elopement? Then you’ve probably searched the internet for various photo locations. Although this type of wedding day is secretive, capturing the moment for you and your partner to cherish for the rest of their lives is essential. From being a rocky mountain elopement photographer, I’ve seen beautiful pictures taken in more than five locations in these national parks. Here are a few: 

Lake Louise 

Lake Louise is the first location I’d like to mention. The area is world-famous for its stunning turquoise lakes, Victoria Glacier, and unbelievable mountain backdrop. With these included, the location comes with many colors ranging from the gorgeous lake, grey mountain edges, white glaciers, green wildlife, and more. 

The most iconic images from this location are right behind the Fairmont Hotel. Therefore, those looking for places to elope in Canada that are easily accessible, Lake Louise is a possibility. 

Moraine Lake

Another recommendation I highly recommend is Moraine Lake. Like Lake Louise, Moraine Lake has this stunning vivid blue water that changes colors through the seasons. In addition, it’s surrounded by mountainous terrain that includes ten peaks. Undeniably, this location makes you double if not triple look to believe it’s real. 

The incredible thing about Moraine Lake is that it’s located around 30 minutes away from Lake Louise. Therefore, you could plan to visit both areas with a Rocky Mountain elopement photographer on the same day. 

Sunwapta Falls

Perhaps mountainous terrain and large lakes aren’t backdrops you’re wanting. If that’s the case, you might be slightly more interested in the Sunwapta Falls. The location itself is unique, but it does require a five-minute walk from the Icefields Parkway in south Jasper National Park. 

Like most of the locations we’ve mentioned, the water color has this fantastic turquoise look. At the Sunwapta Falls, two creeks lead to a waterfall that smashes down onto the rocks below. There are many locations for excellent pictures in this location, but people suggest heading to the bridge as this spans across the creek. 

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake is another unique location that can be visited in the winter or summer months. The excellent thing about this picture spot is that it requires minimal walking. Therefore, if you have a long dress, awkward shoes, or perhaps don’t want to get dirty, Peyto Lake could be ideal. 

As mentioned, you can visit this lake practically all year round. However, this does depend on what type of backdrop you want. For instance, during the winter, Peyto Lake freezes and becomes snow-covered. In contrast, the water turns an aqua blue color from the melted snow and ice during the summer months. 

How can I help? 

Now you’ve become knowledgeable about some of the best places to elope in Canada regarding pictures; now it’s time to organize. If you’re looking for a Rocky Mountain elopement photographer specializing in this location, connect with me 🙂 

I make memories last forever. Since I started, I’ve helped many couples take elopement pictures to create long-lasting photographs. 

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