Squamish Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends to Try


Attention all you soon-to-be-wed beauties in Squamish, Canada!

Are you tired of the same old bridal hair and makeup looks that have been done to death? Well, buckle up, because I’m about to take you on a wild ride through the latest and greatest wedding hair and makeup trends that are taking the Squamish scene by storm.

Embrace Your Inner Mermaid

Forget the classic updo – this year, it’s all about letting your locks flow freely like the majestic waterfalls of Squamish. Channel your inner mermaid with soft, beachy waves that scream “I’m a total goddess, and I know it.” Pair this effortless style with a touch of shimmery highlighter and a bold, berry-stained lip, and you’ll have your guests wondering if you’re actually a mythical sea creature in disguise.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior Princess

Are you the type of bride who would rather charge into battle than spend hours getting your hair and makeup done? Well, have I got the look for you! Embrace your inner warrior princess with a sleek, high ponytail and a fierce, smoky eye that says, “I may be wearing a white dress, but don’t mess with me.” Top it off with a bold, matte lip, and you’ll be ready to slay the aisle (and your wedding day).

Embrace the Glitter Goddess

If you’re the kind of bride who believes that more is more, then the glitter goddess look is for you. Forget subtle shimmer – we’re talking full-on, disco ball-inspired glitz. Dust your lids with a shimmery eyeshadow, and don’t be afraid to go a little overboard with the highlighter. Finish the look with a glossy, holographic lip, and you’ll be the sparkliest bride in all of Squamish.

So, there you have it, my fellow Squamish brides-to-be. Whether you’re feeling like a mermaid, a warrior princess, or a glitter goddess, there’s a wedding hair and makeup trend out there that’s perfect for you. Now, go forth and slay that aisle with your fabulous, one-of-a-kind look!

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