Engagement Photographer in Kelowna, BC

10 reasons you should hire an engagement photographer


Should you hire an engagement photographer?

Hiring an engagement photographer is a personal choice and will depend on your preferences, budget, and needs … everyone is unique!

But skipping that special moment of the engagement, or neglecting to capture your couplehood pre-wedding means you might be leaving out the most important part of your love story.

Engagement Photographer in Kelowna, BC

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider hiring an engagement photographer. 

To Establish a Connection with Your Photographer 

When you develop a connection with a professional engagement photographer ahead of time, you will have the opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level. 

Spending time with them before the big day will allow you to get to know their style, and for them to understand your own preferences.

As you have more conversations with each other, you’ll probably enjoy coming up with new ideas and discovering new creative possibilities. 

It’s also not just about the engagement, but about the whole timeline and development of your love story — how will they share that story with the world? 

To Catch a Special Proposal

Engagement Photographer in Kelowna, BC

If you have an elaborate or unique proposal planned, why not catch it on camera? This is a once-in-a-lifetime shot that isn’t possible via a selfie. 

If you start with some great shots, you’ll make the whole album shine. 

To Get Comfortable on Camera

Posing for the camera is more difficult than it looks. An engagement photographer will give you the right instructions and essentially train you to be ready for the big day. 

Often clients are nervous, and if the photographer isn’t good at giving directions, the photos won’t be top-notch.

After a session or two, you’ll get a better understanding of angles that work, the photographer’s preferences and style, and what kinds of creative elements you can add.  

To See Some Photos Ahead of Time

Engagement Photographer in Kelowna, BC

It’s one thing to glance at a photographer’s portfolio or a few unedited digital prints. 

But it’s quite another to have the chance to see the final, edited product in the format that you want. 

You can also get a few sample products to see in person before the big day, to help you decide on the final products. 

It Benefits the Wedding Party and the Photographer 

An engagement photographer is there to help you understand what looks and feels most comfortable. 

Having the opportunity to get to know each other will offer them a glimpse not only into the “day of,” but your overall style, approach, even the personalities of people in the party. 

And of course, it will ensure that you look your best. 

Give Photos to Friends and Family

Engagement Photographer in Kelowna, BC

Thinking of using your wedding photos for invitations, party favours, or thank you cards? Connect with someone at the engagement phase and you’ll have a lot more choice (and time) to get the best quality photos ready for your loved ones. 

Engagement Photos May Be Included in the Best Package

It may be that you don’t think you need an engagement photographer but it ends up that there’s a package that includes much more bang for your buck. 

Honestly, it’s worth purchasing a package that offers more in the way of format and finding someone who can cover all events.

It Makes Planning Easier

Engagement Photographer in Kelowna, BC

Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed with the ins and outs of decision making and planning. 

Developing a trusting relationship with an engagement photographer early on is an easy and fun way to pass off that responsibility…one less thing to think about is always a good thing, after all!  

Quality and Consistency

Pay so if you want to bring a friend to the surprise proposal to snap a few photos, you can. But bear in mind that this leaves room for problems like: 


  • Bad lighting 
  • Unflattering angles
  • Photobombs
  • Losing the photos 


Of course, these are only a few examples of problems that can crop up…I’m sure you get the picture! 

Location, Location, Location!

Engagement Photographer in Kelowna, BC

You may already have a few ideas of where you want to take your engagement, wedding, or party photos. 

But a professional engagement photographer might even be able to offer new suggestions to give you a fresh perspective.  

Plus if they are familiar with these areas, they will already have some practice with angles, background, and lighting. 

Let’s Talk!

Your engagement is a special time that you can’t get back. Don’t let it slip by without giving it the attention it deserves and creating memories that will truly last a lifetime.  

I specialize in a range of wedding photography services and am happy to chat if you’re curious. 

Check out my portfolio or get in touch!

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