Elopement Photography & Wedding Photography: What's the Difference?

Elopement Photography & Wedding Photography: What’s the Difference?


What do you know about elopement photography? Well, to understand elopement photography, you have to know what an elopement wedding is first.

Today, more and more people are planning elopement weddings, and for good reason. These weddings are held in intimate settings.

Elopement used to be defined as running away with your lover and getting married secretly without friends or family knowing, but the definition has changed over the years.

Today, an elopement wedding is an intimate affair with only a handful of guests. While they still do require planning, they do not require as much planning as a traditional wedding.

When it comes to elopement weddings, there are endless options as to where the ceremony can be held, and they tend to be a lot more budget-friendly than traditional weddings (check out this blog post for tips on planning a wedding while on a budget). 

Whether you want to have an intimate wedding in Hawaii, at a public park, or even a friend’s backyard, the options for elopement weddings are endless – and much easier on the wallet.

So what exactly is the difference between elopement photography and wedding photography? Read on to find out!

The Difference Between Elopement Photography and Wedding Photography

1. More Quiet, Intimate, and Personal

Elopement weddings are all about the experience. The whole day is about enjoying and celebrating what it truly means to get married without all of the fluff that usually comes with a traditional wedding ceremony.  Elopements are a wedding experience unique to the couple. The focus is solely on them.

One major difference between elopements and traditional weddings is that the location chosen for an elopement wedding is typically small, serene, and extremely intimate. 

The photos that are taken mirror this intimacy. There are typically much fewer people, and the photos are usually just focused on the couple and the beautiful location. 

2. More Time and Flexibility

Elements in elopement weddings are much more minimal, which means that there is usually much more time for photography. 

Traditional wedding Photography usually have 8-hour coverage time to take shots of the entire day – from getting ready, to bridal party shots, to shots of the couple after the wedding, to reception shots, and everything in between.

Elopement photography doesn’t usually involve photos at the reception, and if it does, the photos are usually very minimal. Because there are very few guests at elopement weddings and sometimes no bridal parties, this leaves the photographer more time to take photos of the couple and other special moments during the day.

This includes portrait photos of the bride and groom, which are some of the most important photos your photographer will take on the big day, so having more time to take them is an added bonus.

Because of the fact that you have more time during your wedding day, you will also have a lot more flexibility to go to different photo locations.

3. Planning

Elopement photographers do more than just take pictures. Many elopement photographers will start planning the day and the details with you the moment you hire them. 

This is because elopement weddings offer a completely different experience than regular weddings. Elopement photographers can help in every part of the planning, from finding a location, planning the ceremony, and more.

4. Cost-Effective

If you decide on an elopement wedding, you will be saving a lot of money. This will make your elopement photography budget almost unlimited.

By choosing an elopement wedding, you save money on every part of the planning process. This is another reason why people choose elopement weddings – not only is it more intimate and private, but they also cost significantly less money than traditional weddings. These cost-savings leave a lot more spending room for photography. 

This may be helpful if you have a more expensive photographer in mind that you may not have been able to afford with a traditional wedding. Elopement photography also tends to be cheaper than traditional photography, so if you are on a budget, it’s a great option. 

For more tips on how to plan an elopement wedding, click here.

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  1. Anna Collins says:

    I love that you mentioned how there’s more intimacy in elopement photography since there are fewer people in the ceremony and the day is solely focused on the couple. My sister doesn’t have a good relationship with our parents so she’s planning to have an elopement wedding this summer. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find professional photographers to hire for their ceremony.

  2. Amy Saunders says:

    I just got informed yesterday that one of my workmates is getting eloped this weekend and I’ve been asked to find someone to capture the images of the ceremony. I really love the idea of hiring a photographer to for our elopement since it’s a much more budget friendly option. I’ll keep this tip in mind so I’ll employ someone reliable to get the job done efficiently.

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