Festive Post-Elopement Party Ideas

4 Festive Post-Elopement Party Ideas


4 Festive Post-Elopement Party Ideas



Whether your elopement was planned, spontaneous, or a pandemic plan B—it’s time to celebrate with your loved ones! Below are 4 post-elopement party ideas to consider. There’s no right or wrong. Like your wedding, do what feels right for you and your new spouse. 

#1 A Traditional Reception

Let’s begin with the obvious. Host a traditional soiree at a popular wedding venue. You and your spouse can wear formal or wedding attire. Hire a DJ for your “first dance”, cater a dinner, cut cake, interlock arms to sip champagne, and take photos. A traditional reception will make your loved ones feel like they didn’t miss out as much. You too if you had planned a traditional wedding but eloped due to the pandemic. Most importantly, this is your day, so do it your way! 

#2 Rent a Luxurious Airbnb

Many Airbnbs and vacation rentals are available for weddings, receptions, and special events. So, browse through luxurious spaces that you can host your reception. This might be a penthouse, mansion, waterfront house, or other spectacular properties.  

Be sure to confirm that hosting a party is allowed. Also, inquire about parking, capacity limitations, and any building or housing development rules. As an added bonus, you and some friends or family can spend one or more nights in the luxurious space you rent. 

#3 Restaurant, Bar, or Food Truck

If you and your spouse prefer a vibe that is a bit more casual, rent out your favorite restaurant or bar. Or head to a public park and have one or more food trucks cater your post-elopement party. 

This option is often budget-friendly, as the restaurant or bar likely has packages to choose from. Or go even more casual and budget-friendly with an outdoor potluck. If you are at a park, have some outdoor wedding swag printed. Maybe frisbees or kites with your names on them. 

#4 Activity or Excursion

Another option is to go to a water park, amusement park, or local excursion that can accommodate a large group. Maybe rent out a ferry, boat, or yacht? Look for group activities that have something for everyone, including kids and family members with physical limitations. This is a fun way to celebrate and make memories without being too formal. However, there are plenty of formal activities and excursions to choose from. 

Don’t Forget to Hire a Post-Elopement Party Photographer! 

Even if you already have photos of your wedding day, hire a photographer to commemorate your group memories. I would be honored to take both candid and posed group photos of your post-elopement party. My style is chic but personable, bold but considerate. I invite you to view my galleryor reach out to learn more!  

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